Winter 2015


Autumn landscape; Sunset over the lake

I always try to be an optimist... That's why I always look for only positive qualities. I like autumn for several reasons.

At other times of the year you cannot find such a variety of colors.

Most people think that in the fall everything slows down and this is a period of depression. But I think that on the contrary, everything is accelerating. Continuous rainfall (rains) provides the soil and plants with the necessary supply of water and nutrients before the flora goes to sleep for several months. Fallen leaves cannot cause depression, because they will keep insects and seeds alive in the winter, keeping the temperature, and become the necessary fertilizer for the same seeds. And only closer to winter, life and life processes slow down, but only in order to take a break, replenish strength and again delight the whole world by awakening from sleep, giving new life and not asking for anything in return.