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The following exercise can be completed directly online. Click here for a print version of this exercise.


1.   Which of the following sentences best describes the main idea of the article about Generation X?

The definition of Generation X
The trouble Gen-Xers have finding good employment
The lives and dreams of a couple of Gen-Xers
Generation X compared to people born in the prior decade

2.   Based on this article, what kinds of jobs do Gen-Xers have to settle for?

low salary, little prestige, minimal security
low salary, little prestige, minimal divorce
low salary, little divorce, minimal security
low salary, little expense, minimal experience

3.   What price have some Gen-Xers paid for an exciting career?

getting education degrees
working at McDonald's
hopscotching around the world for work
getting divorced

4.   Working at a local pet store...

barely covered Sean's school expenses.
was degrading for Sean and made him want to be rich.
was Sean's mother's idea, to make him respect money.
influenced his dream to operate a sanctuary.

5.   What was Jennifer's parents reactions to her career choice?

They encouraged her.
They discouraged her.
They couraged her.

6.   How did Sean cover his school expenses?

He worked at a brokerage firm.
He worked at a camp.
He worked at a McDonald's.
He worked at a local pet store.

7.   Gen-Xers do not mind when their parents get divorced.


8.   People born before 19631 are considered Gen-Xers.


9.   Sean wants to run a sanctuary full-time.


10.   Jennifer stayed unemployed rather than take a job she did not want.


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