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The following exercise can be printed out and completed in a traditional fashion. Click here for a self-marked version of this exercise.

Circle the letter of the sentence which best describes the main idea of the article about Generation X. Be prepared to support your answer.
  1. The definition of Generation X
  2. The trouble Gen-Xers have finding good employment
  3. The lives and dreams of a couple of Gen-Xers
  4. Generation X compared to people born in the prior decade


  1. Technology has changed the way we live. Devices make our lives much easier and they entertain us. But is all modern technology good? Discuss.

  2. Do you believe that Gen-Xers have more difficult lives than people from previous generations? Why? Why not? Discuss.

  3. Write a short composition explaining why you think marriages ending in divorce have become so common.

Based on the article, circle the letter which best completes each sentence.
  1. The high rate of divorce amongst their parents has...
    1. changed the foundation of society.
    2. had an effect on the way Gen-Xers look at relationships.
    3. made Gen-Xers less willing to settle for jobs with minimal security.
    4. confused Gen-Xers.

  2. Working at the local pet store...
    1. barely covered Sean's school expenses.
    2. was degrading for Sean and made him want to be rich.
    3. was Sean's mother's idea, to make him respect money.
    4. probably influenced his dream to operate a sanctuary.

If you can, answer these questions from memory. If you cannot, look back at the article.
  1. Describe the kind of job that Gen-Xers are often forced to settle for.
  2. What price have some Gen-Xers paid for exciting careers?
  3. What was Jennifer's parents' reaction to her career choice?
  4. How did Sean cover his school expenses?

Write TRUE or FALSE under each statement. If the statement is false, write the statement correctly.
  1. People born between 1961 and 1981 are considered Gen-Xers.
  2. Gen-Xers do not mind when their parents get divorced.
  3. Jennifer stayed unemployed rather than take a job she did not want.
  4. Sean wants to run a wildlife sanctuary full-time.

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